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metamadman speaks


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31 October 1975

the name that can be named is not the eternal name. the unnameable is the eternally real. naming is the origin of all particular things. free from desire you realize the mystery, caught in the desire you see only the manifestations. yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source, this source is called darkness, darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding.

A collision at sea can ruin your entire day. -Thucydides

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. -Oscar Wilde

We know that the wildest and most moving dramas are played not in the theatre but in the hearts of ordinary men and women who pass by without exciting attention, and who betray to the world nothing of the conflicts that rage within them except possibly by a nervous breakdown. What is so difficult for the layman to grasp is the fact that in most cases the patients themselves have no suspicion whatever of the internecine war raging in their unconscious. If we remember that there are many people who understand nothing at all about themselves, we shall be less surprised at the realization that there are also people who are utterly unaware of their actual conflicts. "New Paths in Psychology" (1912). In CW 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. P.425

"make love not money!", "vive le revolucion!", 13 moon calendar, adaptability, altered states, anarchism, ancient history, ancient mariners, annunaki, area 51, atlantis, babushkas, bark, bathroom walls, black label, black rock city, blood, booby-traps, bottles, brie & bread, c3po, cartography, chocolate, coffee, computers, cooking, cosmology, cosmonauts, costumes, crashing, crimethink, crop circles, cryptology, culture jam, cyber punk, d.i.y., deutsche, die heilege gral, digital art, dionysus, disco, donovan, drums, dumpster diving, electronica, electronics, evolution, faustus, fire, flags, flowers, foreign film, free stuff, freezer jam, fucktard, games, geomancy, graffiti, graphic design, guns, hats, heraldry, hip-hop, home-made fashion, home-made parachutes, hookahs, hot tubs, illuminati, independent video, j.r. "bob" dobbs, javier's 24 hour tacqueria, jolly roger, klingon karaoke, knights templar, leisure boats, library relationships, liquid latex, loci & foci, lost civilizations, magick, mary magdalene, masks, mathematics, meditation, merovingians, monogamy, muzik, mystery cults, mythology, neo-advertising, neuro-linguistic programming, new world order, ninja posse, p.k. dick, pabst blue ribbon, panspermia, patches, performance art, photography, pirate traditon, planet x, plasma model, poetics, polyamory, pranks, progressive multiplicity, pron, propaganda, psychonauts, pulp novels, pure faggotry, puzzles, retro aestheticism, rhythm, ritual, roleplaying, sacred geometry, safety goggles, santa claus, science-fiction, screenprinting, secrets, sex, special devices and otherwise, spying, stenciling, subversity, tank tops, tantra, tea time, team kickball, territoriality, the devil, thelema, thermodynamics, time travel, trans-humanism, transcendental, tribalism, truth, turbulence, turkish baths, turntablism, vandalism, vegan jerky, whiskey, worm that never dies, yerba mate

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